How can controlling silica dust on your jobsite grow your business’ bottom line?

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There are multiple ways complying with OSHA’s 2017 Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard helps your business survive and yes thrive!  First, there’s the fact that your company actually can survive.  A citation from OSHA can be financially devastating.  But that should be self-explanatory.

Dust control saves your saws.

On our hardscape crew at Willow Gates Landscaping, we had a routine.  Every morning, each crew member pulled out a saw.  The filter was removed and cleaned, the saw fueled, and the day started.  We still had a lot of saws breaking down from overheating or a combination of abrasive dust and ethanol fuel.  Since we implemented vacuum dust control, those problems have been greatly reduced.  We almost never clean our filters, as it simply isn’t necessary!

dust shark silica dust tool for wall cutting attachment

Dust control grows your client base.

How?” You ask.  Your clients talk, and there’s an old adage that a happy customer tells 2-3 friends.  An unhappy client tells 10 friends.  It’s, unfortunately, human nature to focus on the negative!  I recall a landscaping client from 7 years ago… we installed a new patio and walkway, and the project also included a new gazebo and landscaping.  The back yard was totally transformed.  Yet, in the end, she wasn’t sure the dust was worth it.  What do you think she told her friends?  I’m sure she mentioned the dust whenever her friends commented on the patio in that first year!  What do you think a current client thinks when we roll a Dust Killer system out of the trailer and start cutting?  Some are amazed.  Some see it as a nuisance imposed by OSHA.  Some want to know the nuts and bolts of how the system works, of how we got involved.  All are impressed.


Silica dust control isn’t yet widely adopted.  Be the leader in your area and stand out.  Leaders by definition attract followers! 

I’ve been preaching silica dust control for years.  In every ICPI or NCMA class I taught, I brought it up.  This was before Dust Killer Tools was even a dream, back when we really weren’t sure what or how or when we would achieve compliance for our crew.  And still.  Still, I drive past other contractors’ jobsites with that telltale plume of dust! 
Educate your clients that you chose to be a leader, that you cared enough about your workers and your clients to invest in dust control.
Your reputation often goes before you.  Perhaps you didn’t realize it, but your hardscape supplier is thinking about your reputation- and theirs!- when they recommend a contractor to a customer.  Maintain a good relationship with your suppliers!  Let them know you’ve invested in dust control technology, and they will be more likely to refer leads to you!