table saw for cutting block with silica dust control


Table Saw Attachment

With the Dust Tiger silica dust attachment, you can cut your block on a table saw and be safe from the dust. Enjoy your work more and keep the dust down for your clients. Table saws are the fastest, most accurate way to cut wall block or precise miters on pavers.  If you already have a table saw, this is a great way to bring it into OSHA compliance!

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More about the Dust Tiger

The Dust Tiger may be retrofitted to most stationary table saws. It efficiently captures dust from cutting block, stone, or pavers. It has an 8” diameter discharge. (A 6” line may be used, but greater care must be taken with cutting angle) Best results are observed with an 8” line and 800+cfm. The Dust Tiger has been designed to work with a variety of saw brands. Please consult with us to have your Dust Tiger set up to meet your requirements.

Are you Confused with the OSHA Silica Laws?

If you find the new OSHA silica dust control laws confusing, you’re not alone! When I began researching the laws, I found them very difficult to understand. But after hours and hours of research and study, I was able to combine that into an ICPI and NCMA approved training program which has been taught at various hardscape supply centers. And now I’m offering this Training Plan (without the CEU's) for FREE to people in our industry!! 

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