Silica Dust Collection for the Hardscape Industry

As hardscape contractors, we began researching various options to comply with the new respirable silica law. Our enthusiasm quickly turned to frustration as we began testing various systems. The attachments in which we’d invested failed to capture a significant amount of dust. Pairing the attachments with an oversized dust collector didn’t resolve the inherent design flaws.

Kill the Silica Dust

silica dust collection system hardscape


Silica Dust Collection Vacuum

With a rugged frame and pneumatic tires, the Dust Killer can be rolled anywhere on your job site. At 33” wide, it fits through most doorways and gates. The Dust Killer is equipped with a 4”, 6”, and 8” takeoff.

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Wall Cutting Attachment

The Dust Shark is intended for use in cutting wall block or paver border pieces. It attaches to a Stihl or Husqvarna cutoff saw and can be quickly installed or removed.

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dust shark attachment for silica dust collection
dust extractor for silica dust


Cut-in-Place Attachment

Use the Dust Xtractor for cutting pavers in place or cutting control joints in concrete. It may be used on both curved and straight cuts, and the saw blade does not need to be fully plunged to capture the dust. 

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Table Saw Attachment

The Dust Tiger may be retrofitted to most stationary table saws. It efficiently captures dust from cutting block, stone, or pavers. It has an 8” diameter discharge.

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Economical Silica Dust Collection Systems