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Five Myths about Silica Dust Control [Videos]

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“I cut wet, so I don’t need to worry about the new silica standard.” Myth #2: Using a Respirator for Cutting Concrete Many people think good respirators is all that is required. OSHA also requires engineering controls that eliminate dust hazards. “I bought my crew high quality respirators, so we’re good.” This is completely false! […]

Symptoms of Silicosis

silicosis symptoms

What is Respirable Crystalline Silica? Crystalline silica is mineral found everywhere on our jobsites… sand, concrete, brick, block, stone, and mortar. And yes, even in dirt! Respirable crystalline silica is about 100 times smaller than particles of sand found on beaches. It is generated by cutting, sawing, grinding drilling, and crushing the above materials. Breathing […]

How does controlling respirable crystalline silica help you build and maintain a workforce?

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As I write this, we’re continuing a long period of low unemployment.  Every blue collar industry needs workers.  Hiring signs are everywhere.  Wages have risen dramatically.  Employees, it seems, are in extremely high demand yet very low supply! What has caused this issue? The roots causes are far too deep to explore in this blog.  […]

How can controlling silica dust on your jobsite grow your business’ bottom line?

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There are multiple ways complying with OSHA’s 2017 Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard helps your business survive and yes thrive!  First, there’s the fact that your company actually can survive.  A citation from OSHA can be financially devastating.  But that should be self-explanatory. Dust control saves your saws. On our hardscape crew at Willow Gates Landscaping, we had […]

Learn how to Keep Your Team Safe with Free Silica Dust Control Training

Free Silica Dust Control Training

Silica Dust Control Plan:  A 7 Step Training Plan If you find the new OSHA silica dust control laws confusing, you’re not alone! When I began researching the laws, I found them very difficult to understand. But after hours and hours of research and study, I was able to combine that into a training program which […]

5 Reasons to Implement Silica Dust Control in your Hardscape Business

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Let’s talk silica dust control… or the lack of it! Specifically, we’re talking about implementing silica dust control in your hardscape business. If you’re a hardscape contractor, I sure hope you’ve heard about the Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard that took effect in 2017.  OSHA drastically reduced the exposure limits with this new law. To be […]