Learn how to Keep Your Team Safe with Free Silica Dust Control Training

Free Silica Dust Control Training

Silica Dust Control Plan: 

A 7 Step Training Plan

If you find the new OSHA silica dust control laws confusing, you’re not alone! When I began researching the laws, I found them very difficult to understand. But after hours and hours of research and study, I was able to combine that into a training program which has been taught at various hardscape supply centers in PA.

The free silica dust control training plan includes seven modules as follows.

Step 1: 

Table 1 vs. Table 2

OSHA has two methods by which contractors may meet the compliance requirements.  Here are questions that must be answered when considering which option is the best fit.

Step 2: 

Engineering Controls

OSHA demands an engineering control to be the primary hazard control, recognizing vacuum and water.

Step 3: 

Exposure Testing

OSHA requires exposure testing to be completed for engineering controls in Table 2.

Step 4: 

Personal Protective Equipment

OSHA has developed standards for respirator use in Table 1.  Table 2 may also require respirator use.  Certain types of respirator use may trigger sections of the Respiratory Protection Standard.

Step 5: 

Written Control Plan

OSHA requires a written control plan for every company whose activities may expose their workers to respirable crystalline silica.

Step 6: 

Competent Person

OSHA requires that a person be designated as a “competent person” and be responsible for ensuring the safety of the crew.

Step 7: 

Medical Surveillance

OSHA has determined that some levels of exposure to respirable silica require medical surveillance.  This evaluation is used detect early stages of silicosis and prevent further exposure.

Step 8: Download a Free Silica Control Plan Template

At the end of the 7 days, you will get to download a detailed Silica Control Plan Template which I have used to create my own plan and have given to other contractors to help them comply with the laws and keep their employees safe.

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