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Where it all Began!

As hardscape contractors, we began researching various options to comply with the new respirable silica law. Our enthusiasm quickly turned to frustration as we began testing various systems (read more below).

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The attachments in which we’d invested failed to capture a significant amount of dust. Pairing the attachments with an oversized dust collector didn’t resolve the inherent design flaws.

We began experimenting with our own custom designed attachments while building prototypes of a dust collector. When we finally reached a solution that worked, we realized that many other contractors were struggling to find an affordable solution that still allowed them to use the saws in which they had already invested.

We are excited to introduce Dust Killer Tools! We continue to develop new systems and attachments to meet the needs of our growing and thriving industry. Protecting our workers and keeping our clients’ homes clean is definitely a win-win scenario!

Are you Confused with the OSHA Silica Laws?

If you find the new OSHA silica dust control laws confusing, you’re not alone! When I began researching the laws, I found them very difficult to understand. But after hours and hours of research and study, I was able to combine that into an ICPI and NCMA approved training program which has been taught at various hardscape supply centers. And now I’m offering this Training Plan (without the CEU's) for FREE to people in our industry!! 

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