The Dust Xtractor

Dust Tiger Cutting Attachment

With the DUST XTRACTOR, you get the ultimate protection from silica dust when cutting in place..

protection from silica dust

Are you sick and worried of inhaling too much harmful silica dust? If so, then you need to get your hands on the Dust Xtractor, cut in place attachment. This attachment is the ultimate solution to the protection from silica dust. See why your crew may want this saw attachment!

Why The Dust Xtractor?

accurate cutting

Precise Cut

The Dust Xtractor is an attachment that provides suction of the dust while cutting which results in a more precise and accurate cut.

silica dust control tool for saws

Keep Your Saw

Whats better than cutting without any silica dust? Cutting with your own personal saw. With the Dust Xtractor, this is possible.

silica dust control tool with peace of mind

Peace of Mind

The best way to cut is knowing it is protected under OSHA’s safety guidelines. Cut knowing you and your crew have taken proper measures for the prevention of silica dust.

Dust Xtractor Attachment

dust xtractor saw

Dust Xtractor

dust killer control tool bundle
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You Have a Choice

Why continue to damage you and your crews lungs by inhaling silica dust? Get the prevention from silica dust that is OSHA approved for your jobsite. See the other saw attachments like the Dust Tiger, and the Dust Shark to find the right saw attachment for your crew.

saw for protection from silica dust

More About The Dust Xtractor

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