The Dust Tiger

Tiger Cutting Attachment

With the DUST TIGER series, you get to keep your existing saws while being safe from the harmful dust.

Silica Dust Control Table Saw Conversion Kit

Are you tired of cutting a block and creating all that annoying and harmful dust? Now you can rest at ease knowing the DUST TIGER attachment is there to help. This silica dust control tool allows you to cut on your favorite table saws while also keeping you safe from deadly Silica Dust.

Why This Silica Dust Control Tool?

silica dust control tool health

Employee Health

Every time the silica dust is in the air, you know it is not safe for your employees. Protect them using the Dust Tiger Silica Dust Control Tool.

silica dust control tool for saws

Keep Your Saw

When you cut using the Dust Tiger Silica Dust Control Tool, it allows you to keep your current table saw by adding the attachment to it.

silica dust control tool with peace of mind

Peace of Mind

OSHA has begun cracking down on companies that do not use silica dust control tools. Make life easier for your company with the Dust Tiger today.

Silica Dust Tiger Attachment

silica dust control tool table saw attachment

Dust Tiger

dust killer control tool bundle
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You Have a Choice

Don’t settle for unhealthy dusts when you can be protecting you and your crew. Every attachment is for the better health of everyone surrounding the project area. Benifit everyone around using the Dust Tiger Silica Dust Control Tool.

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More About The Dust Tiger

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