The Dust Shark

Wall Saw For Silica Dust Protection

With the DUST SHARK attachment, you can cut concrete or rock while staying safe from silica dust.

wall saw attachment

Are you sick of breathing in the harmful silica dust while cutting concrete or rock? The Dust Shark Wall Saw is here for you. Never cut with an improper wall saw again.

Why The Dust Shark?

dkt silica dust collection employee health

Employee Health

Protect you and your employees health with this powerful silica dust wall saw. Never worry about silica dust while cutting with this tool.

dkt silica dust collection client satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

A cleaner and safer workspace can make your jobsite a lot easier to work in, but what about the clients property? The Dust Shark removes the dust so it won’t affect the clients property.

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Peace of Mind

Rest assured your Silica Dust Wall Saw will not be affected by OSHA’s law against silica dust. The Dust Shark takes in the harmful dust created during a cut.

Wall Saw Attachment

wall saw attachment

Dust Shark

dust killer control tool bundle

You Have a Choice

When it comes to the health of your employees, there is no maybe. Commit to providing the safest workplace you can with a Dust Shark Wall Saw. Our OSHA certified equipment will get your crew the standards needed for a safe workplace.

dust control for cut in place saw

More About The Dust Shark

The Dust Shark is intended for use in cutting wall block or paver border pieces. It attaches to a Stihl or Husqvarna cutoff saw and can be quickly installed or removed. It shares the same mounting bracket with the Dust Xtractor. The Dust Shark is designed to be paired with a 6” hose, and we recommend a minimum of 400 cfm for best performance. The Dust Shark will enable you to meet Table 2 requirements in the OSHA Respirable Silica law.

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Are You Still Confused with the OSHA Silica Laws?

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