The Dust Killer

Silica Dust Collection System

With the DUST KILLER series, you get to keep your existing hardscape saws and keep right on cutting.

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Are you tired of breathing in deadly silica dust day after day? Keep your employees and your clients safe from dangerous silica dust with the DUST KILLER silica dust vacuum system.

Why Silica Dust Control?

dkt silica dust collection employee health

Employee Health

Every time the silica dust is in the air, you know it is not safe for your employees. You do not want to lose them because of breathing in harmful dust.

dkt silica dust collection client satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

A jobsite with dust not only hits your lungs, it settles all over the client’s property leaving memories of dust and dirt associated with your work.

dkt silica dust collection osha fine

Peace of Mind

You know it could happen. An OSHA fine would be disastrous for your company. Avoid that with a silica dust vacuum system.

Silica Dust Collection Systems

hardscape silica dust collection system
hardscaping silica dust collection system

Dust Killer I

dust killer i tool capacity
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portable silica dust collection system
portable silica dust collection system

NEW! Dust Killer II

dust killer ii tool capacity
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Compare Both Models:

Dust Killer IDust Killer II
Framerugged, galvanizedrugged, galvanized
Tirespneumatic, easy to movepneumatic, easy to move
Inlets4”, 6” and 8”6” and 8”
Dimension62” L x 33” W x 74” H42” L x 33” W x 74” H
Weight325 lb250 lb
Capacity1900+ cfm
Simultaneously supports a 20” table saw, 14” cutoff saw, and 4”-7” grinder OR (3) 14" cutoff saws
1300+ cfm
Simultaneously supports a 20” table saw and 4”-7” grinder OR (2) 14” cutoff saws

Financing Available

Dust Killer Tools now offers financing for all Dust Killer machines. Now you can get the amazing Dust Killer at a flexible monthly rate that works for you. 

You Have a Choice

Continue down the dusty, well-traveled road, or make a cleaner, safer and healthier choice. Silica dust control is the future, and you can enjoy a dust free jobsite NOW. Your employees will be happier. Your client’s property will be cleaner. And your mind will be at ease.

dust control for cut in place saw

We Needed a Solution to Protect Our Team

Are You Still Confused with the OSHA Silica Laws?

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