7 step silica dust control plan

Silica Dust Control Plan: 

A 7 Step Training Plan

If you find the new OSHA silica dust control laws confusing, you’re not alone! When I began researching the laws, I found them very difficult to understand. But after hours and hours of research and study, I was able to combine that into a training program which has been taught at various hardscape supply centers in PA. 

And now I’m offering this Training Plan for FREE to people in our industry. Get started today with a Free Download of the overview and then watch for an email every day to guide you as you prepare a plan. 

Jeremy Martin – ICPI and NCMA Certified Instructor

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What does the 7 Step Silica Dust Control Training Include?

OSHA has two methods by which contractors may meet the compliance requirements. In this plan, we consider which one is best for you. Step by step, we’ll guide you through the process of figuring out what you as a company need to keep your employees safe and keep your pocketbook safe from the fines OSHA has been handing out. We’ll offer ideas, and at the end send you a plan template which you can use to develop your own silica dust control plan.

Here are the seven modules you can expect when you register. 

7 step plan for silica dust control

Step 1: 

Table 1 vs. Table 2

OSHA has two methods by which contractors may meet the compliance requirements.  Here are questions that must be answered when considering which option is the best fit.

dust extractor for silica dust

Step 2: 

Engineering Controls

OSHA demands an engineering control to be the primary hazard control, recognizing vacuum and water.

exposure testing for silica dust control

Step 3: 

Exposure Testing

OSHA requires exposure testing to be completed for engineering controls in Table 2.

dust control for concrete

Step 4: 

Personal Protective Equipment

OSHA has developed standards for respirator use in Table 1.  Table 2 may also require respirator use.  Certain types of respirator use may trigger sections of the Respiratory Protection Standard.

silica dust control plan

Step 5: 

Written Control Plan

OSHA requires a written control plan for every company whose activities may expose their workers to respirable crystalline silica.

seven step silica plan

Step 6: 

Competent Person

OSHA requires that a person be designated as a “competent person” and be responsible for ensuring the safety of the crew.

silica dust medical plan

Step 7: 

Medical Surveillance

OSHA has determined that some levels of exposure to respirable silica require medical surveillance.  This evaluation is used detect early stages of silicosis and prevent further exposure.

Step 8: Download a Free Silica Control Plan Template

At the end of the 7 days, you will get to download a detailed Silica Control Plan Template which I have used to create my own plan and have given to other contractors to help them comply with the laws and keep their employees safe.

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Prefer to Learn in a Physical Classroom?

If you register for the free class you will get a Free download with the seven steps outlined. After that, you will get an email each day for 8 days with more detail and steps you can take to implement your plan with a Free Plan Template at the end.  

However, if you would prefer a physical class that includes two continuing education units I occasionally teach in local hardscape supply centers. You can find a class or join the list to be informed of a class that I will be teaching. In the class I’ll offer personalized help to help you get your company ready for the new silica dust laws.

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